Color Tip by Caroline Jasper .

Caroline Jasper's Color Tip: Value is worth a lot!

Value is a significant color characteristic. Contrasts between darks and lights are key to visual impact. Through comparison of such differences our brains perceive objects and determine depth. Lighter things stand out against dark backgrounds. Dark ones show up better against light. Strong darks and lights together read as close; lack of value contrast reads as distant. Working strictly in black and white, without the distraction of color, it is easier to represent form and lighting. Since we do not live in a black and white world, painters must become aware of value differences among colors both in the subject and on the palette. Painting value studies prior to working in color helps to identify important darks and lights throughout a color reference. Test your color-value acuity. Take a black and white digital shot of your color work or convert a color image to grayscale in a computer photo application. If the image holds up well in black and white, it will present boldly in color.
Paintings Light Watch and Bask are both oils by Caroline Jasper.
Courtesy Creative catalyst

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