Art & Design by Kevin Cyr

kevin cyr: home in the weeds

'little tag along' by kevin cyr
all images courtesy of kevin cyr

brooklyn-based designer / artist kevin cyr has sent designboom images of his latest work and exhibition.
known for his sculptural pieces such as 'camper kart' and 'camper bike', that explore themes of mobility and shelters
in our contemporary society, cyr currently presents 'home in the weeds', a solo exhibition at 941 geary in san francisco
on now until june 4th, 2011. he has developed all new work for the show, including new large-scale installations
that continue to explore the idea of shelters at different stages or circumstances, each one serving a different function,
expressing ideas of mobility, concealment and protectionism. 'home in the weeds' is cyr's personal reaction to the fragility
of our society today, he also explores these themes through drawing, painting and photography, looking at ideas of shelter
as a safe haven for a future worst-case scenario, along with more optimistic considerations of the home and self-preservation.

window detail

'little tag along' is a camper towed by an old raleigh 3-speed bike which could be considered the most 'romantic' of the installations.
it expresses nostalgia for innocence and exploration, and is stocked with items reminiscent of childhood camping trips.

'little tag along' interior

'little tag along' in use

installation view of 'home in weeds'

'shanty chateau'

a stationary shelter constructed from discarded materials, 'shanty chateau' resembles an improvised dwelling
from the outside and a comfortable abode upon entering.

'shanty chateau' exterior

interior view of 'shanty chateau'

interior views

view of 'little tag along' and 'shanty chateau' at 941 geary

'cabin tent'

with 'cabin tent' a vintage tent disguises a single room with wood floors, wainscoting walls and a wood burning stove.

the furnished interior with wainscoting on the walls

window sill details

'cabin tent' in its element

'fallout foxhole'

a site-specific installation, 'fallout foxhole' is built into an old oil pit and resembles a fallout shelter.
it is stocked with the barest of survival necessities and recalls the worse of doomsday prophesies.

a look into the 'fallout foxhole'

drawing of 'little tag along'

paintings and photography are also displayed which explore the exhibition's overall themes,
alongside diagrammatical drawings that emphasize the design of each piece.

'little tag along'

drawing of 'cabin tent'

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